We ventured over to St. Louis this past weekend, a little visit to our new stomping ground if you will. We wanted to see what we were getting ourselves into, and had high hopes that a visit to STL would make us all the more excited for our move next year. It did. Even if we cut our four day trip down to two. Don't let that fool you and make you believe we aren't excited for the road ahead. We had fun, but, after one day in the city, we realized we saw what we came to see, and decided we rather sleep in our own bed then spend another night in a hotel room. Preston agreed. So, yes, the day we arrived in the city, we turned around and headed right back home a few hours later. But it was worth the fourteen hours in the car. Most definitely.

We now know that our options consist of whether or not we want to live in the middle of corn fields, OR the city. And for some reason this is becoming a tricky question, although, I can't really figure out why since I'm a city girl through and through. Oh yes, I'm not the one who would have a long commute every day. I suppose these things need to be considered when finding a place to live. Corn fields or the city? Corn fields or the city? First world problems right here. Also, why do Air Force Bases, or any base for that matter, always have to be in the middle of nowhere, or the ghetto?!?!

In other news, in case you ever run into the same problem pricelining a hotel, like say you book your hotel in the wrong state, or, decide you want to cut your vacation short, rest assured, you CAN indeed cancel your hotel reservations, even if they say over and over again you can't. You can. I did.  Three hotel rooms booked. Three hotel rooms cancelled. So much for planning ahead. It's so much easy to fly by the seat of your pants instead.


AJ Candrian said...

So glad you liked it! I say live in cornfields. When would you ever do that again?!

Cynthia Lovell said...

LOVE the pictures!!! Sounds like a New Adventure!!!