I say it every year, so, it should come as no surprise that I don't love Halloween. I normally find any and every excuse out of Halloween parties, because I don't want to dress up. Now that my days of playing pretty pretty princess are over, Halloween just doesn't do it for me anymore. Ha!

I've heard once you have children Halloween becomes fun. Well, I have a child now, but he's too young to care for the holiday, so, lucky me, I have a free pass out of any real celebration this year. And hopefully next, too. Maybe the year after that? We'll see.

Despite being less than enthused about this here holiday, we made it out to our ward Halloween party anyway. Free dinner people! It gets me every time. And since I put next to zero thought into what we (and by we I mean Preston) should dress up as, we went with what was easy. Thanks to our beloved San Francisco Giants for making it into the World Series, and my bro. and sis in law for supplying us with the goods a few months back, our baby was quickly turned into, Pablo Sandoval, aka Kung Fu Panda. And we followed suit, as a Giants fan and Tim Lincecum. We're so original. I hope Halloween is this easy every year.

And just because I have no interest in a particular holiday, don't think that means I pass up an opportunity to make cute treats. I don't pass up free meals, and I certainly don't pass up opportunities to make treats. Ever!

Last night it dawned on me that today is Halloween, and we had two pumpkins just sitting on our front porch untouched.  When I causally mentioned this to John, I didn't quit expect him to jump right up, set everything up (Christmas music included...yes CHRISTMAS music) and get to work.
So, our pumpkins got a makeover after all. And I now have Christmas music, in October, stuck in my head.

I'm neither the artistic one or creative one in our relationship, so, instead of doing some fancy shmancy pumpkin, I went with what was easy. I consider this "doing my part" in the upcoming election. 


Halloween, I don't hate you, but I don't love you either. But that doesn't mean I don't at least TRY to enjoy you. I've definitely been enjoying all of the candy I bought for our cute little trick-or-treaters. Thankfully, they're all coming by tonight to take it off my hands. What sweethearts. They just better not wake-up my sleeping baby, who goes to bed at 6:30, or, the porch light goes off, and I'll continue to eat the rest myself. Which I'm not opposed to doing mind you.

One more Halloween (almost) out of the way, and the best time of year just around the corner.

Happy Halloween from our little panda to all of you!


julz said...

Yeah!! Love the costumes. Pretty impressive pumpkins brother..and equally impressive arms :)

Erin S said...

He's so cute! I don't care for Halloween either.....but its starting to grow on me.....kinda.

Lindsay said...

Yeah, amazing pumpkins!! We are kind of the same with Halloween. So my most favorite picture is the first one that has a random lady peeking around your head. Ha..made me laugh

JazznJenna said...

Julz said it--nice arms, John! Preston is too cute for words, I can't believe that cute little tongue shot : ). I love your skeleton treats! And good job o the pumpkins. Our Clark could have used that Romney/Ryan pumpkin to go with his costume last night--he put on his church suit and told everyone he was Mitt Romney ;).

AJ Candrian said...

L O V E your pumpkins! Also... love the skeleton Halloween treats.... whatever to you being a Scrooge. You went all out!

Rob said...

from Lorena: Amy, I love Halloween, but I still don't think I did as many festivities as you. And supposedly, you hate it? I'm confused about what this says about the both of us.

Rob said...

from Lo - oh, and Preston is adorable! Cute idea.

Cynthia Lovell said...

LOVE the blog!!! John looks a little Lg for Tim Linsecum. Love those Arms! Love the Jack-o-lanterns!

The baby is DARLING!!!

by the way, Halloween was always John's most favorite holiday. He went trick-or-treating until he left home. He may have even have gone at BYU.

Dr. J-Love said...

About the Trick-or-treating.... not true.