Our week according to my iphone

We went on an actual date and celebrated our birthdays, just the two of us:

Had family visit for a whopping 24 hours:

 Someone discovered he can roll from his back to his stomach:

And, thanks to a storm we had FIVE months ago, we're finally getting our new roof installed.

It's been a thrilling week if you can't tell.



Joy said...

Yes, TGIF! I agree it's been an eventful week - I got to kiss a little boy & hold him and spend time with two of my daughters and a very nice/handsome son-in-law plus drive from OKC to Sandy...I'm sleepy.

AJ Candrian said...

So much fun to see you Maizer!

Cynthia Lovell said...

Fun Post! That's Great that you had visitors, how fun!
Well, I remember the storm. Did your insurance pay for the roof? It's looking very nice! Were you able to get any of the siding fixed as well?

LOVE the pictures!!! Little PJ is DARLING!!!