A very unpatriotic fourth

Mid-week holiday's should occur every week. Wouldn't that be glorious.
After a very unpatriotic holiday in this part of town (our fault, not the towns), I realized, now that I'm a mom, and even if my child is only a few months old, I need to do a better job at truly celebrating each holiday. How did I let one of my favorite holidays sneak by, and we did nothing, except watch fireworks, to celebrate. 
Better luck next year. 
So sad.

We still kept busy with a run/bike ride around the lake.
Outlet shopping.
And ate taco's for dinner, so American.
Then it was off to watch fireworks in bricktown, keeping a little boy up way past his bedtime. 
I had high hopes he'd fall asleep in his stroller while we wondered the streets of downtown. Instead, he waited until right in the middle of the firework show to doze off. 
Oh, that boy!

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Cynthia Lovell said...

I can't believe how Big he's getting. Can't wait to see you guys! He's Darling!!!