Sometimes I think I miss college.
The classes.
The professors.
The atmosphere.
And albeit, even the learning.

But then finals roll around, and I see everyone's Facebook status loathing being prisoners to their own books, and papers, and projects, and on and on and on, all the while giving up sleep while they're at it. Heck, even my own husband had to slave away to such things, and more or less ignore me for a few weeks (which I was ok with, despite what he thinks, I like him getting good grades). And that's when I'm reminded, nope, I don't miss college. Not one bit!

As soon as finals are over, it's like I get my husband back.
In fact, yesterday after his last final, he came over to my office and sat with me
until I was ready to go home...that and I was his ride, so he didn't really have a choice.
But I like to think it was because he's missed me.

I was hinting I wanted to go out to eat last night,
for some odd reason, indian tacos's sounded really good to me.
Indian tacos, really?
I know.

Since neither of us know where you can actually get those things,
besides the State Fair which is clearly not going on at the moment,
he offered to cook dinner for ME for a change.
Can't say no to that.

So, while I did yoga,
John whipped up some of this for me.

And now we're both wondering why we've ever bothered paying $10 for these at the State Fair?
Homemade taste SO much better.

Oh, it's good to have a husband back.

Now, while I'm at work,
he's busy at home doing a little home improvement if you will.

Note to self: old houses require a lot of work.


Kelly said...

um YAY for blogs! Who'da thought we shared this kinda obsession? (ok, maybe just my obsession) ME!! I'da THOUGHT!!! BOOO YAAA BABY!!!

Joy said...

Hum, next time you guys come to our house...will you make these for us?
Yes, old things do require a lot of work! Good luck John & so happy he's done with finals.

Lovell Family said...

nice job, john!

Lindsay said...

Hey we just made those last week! So good and nice work Jonny Boy!

Erin S said...

Those do sound good.

I emailed/replied back to a comment you left on my blog but my phone was being weird so I don't know if you ever got it. Michael gave me your cell # and I've been meaning to text or call you, but things are crazy here!

I'm due May 7th-ish btw :)

Cynthia Lovell said...

Good Job!!! You lucky girl. Lindsay made those for us last week and they were delicious! Can't wait for you to come and see us!!!

Colie said...

ooo I want the recipe, John!
Also, the trick to not hating finals week as a student is to be in a program that doesn't have finals. :)