Sleeping on the job

Today has been another one of those, nap in the car, kind of days.

You know, where I leave for lunch, sit in the back seat, curl up with a blanket, and in the midst of a crazy wind storm, I let the rocking of the car lure me to sleep.

It was needed.

I really think naps should be integrated into an eight hour work day. Sometimes catching a few zzz's, in the middle of the day, is just the thing I need to keep me going.

But an hour and a half nap probably means I love them too much. No?


Erin S said...

You fell asleep in the car for that long?? You gotta do whatcha gotta do I guess. :)

JazznJenna said...
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Colie said...

When I rule the world, mandatory nap time at work. :)