Enjoying our last weekend of warm weather
Ever since I started my new job, which has been over a year now, which also means I've been living in Oklahoma for over a year now, gee whiz, people think I'm quiet.


Never before in my life (ok, once, at fat camp, but that was because all of the other counselors knew I was LDS and never invited me to the clubs, so I guess they just assumed I was some quiet girl who didn't have fun. Which explains why I earned the "Silent Rock" award), have I been told I was a quiet person. 


I specifically remember in elementary school, second grade to be exact, I probably came close to writing a 100 sentences a day saying, "I will not disrupt the class. I will not disrupt the class. I will not disrupt the class..." Because, like I said, even at a young age, I wasn't quiet...or respectful apparently.

Even now, years later, I don't consider myself to be quiet, but when one works all alone, at the end of the hall, with no one around, WHO am I supposed to talk to? Talking out loud to myself would only prove I'm kind of weird. So I keep those inner voices just that, inner. I'm rarely on the phone like everyone else at work, so again, no talking goes on at my end of the hallway. Sure, I'm quiet at work, but I'm not a quiet person. Am I?

For some reason, I take people thinking I'm quiet as offensive. I don't know why when maybe it's a good thing? And for all I know, maybe all those years of causing disruptions has finally slowed down. Maybe I really am a quiet person. In which case, it's a good thing I have a job that doesn't require much talking, and I'm married to a man who studies up the wazoo, forcing me to be a mute in my own home. 


AJ Candrian said...

No. You're not quiet. Or respectful. Just like second grade. :) Ha... I actually forgot about you getting in trouble all the way back then. Remember how my sixth grade class was right across from your first grade class? I think I remember hearing you sometimes.

Alicia said...

I love you just the way you are : )

Colie said...

Remember how we worked together and lived together? Yeah, you never talked...ever...

Brittany said...

I think out of all the girls in our fam, I am the quietest yet probably most opinionated. Go figure.