Summer's here?

Even with the 100+ degree weather, humid air, and feeling like I've walked into a sauna every time I step outside, I forget it's summer. You'd think the scorching heat would be enough of a reminder that summer is here, but alas, being cooped up in an office all day long, and not being able to declare June-September work free months, causes the forgetfulness.

I may have graduated from college three years ago, and have consequently been working full-time those past three years, but this is the first summer I've actually had to really work. I know, poor me. But you see, my first summer out of college I was an intern, which meant work in the morning, lay out at the pool in the afternoons. It was heavenly. Two summers ago I spent most of my time in Africa, granted it was for work, but it was still a "vacation" nonetheless. When I wasn't on another continent, I wasn't really at work either. Vacations dominated that summer. And again, it was heavenly. Last year, well...I had other plans in mind rather than working. Getting married, playing at the beach, and hanging out with family seemed a bit more important. Heavenly indeed.

So here we are, July 1st, fully submerged into summer, and instead of enjoying summer the way it should be enjoyed by vacationing, playing at the beach, daily trips to the pool, hanging out with family and staying as far away from work as possible, I'm having to embrace the "grown-up" world, and for once, realize life isn't all fun and games all of the time. Or maybe it is and I just haven't found that balance yet?

I know you're probably thinking, poor Amy, life is so unfair. But really, I'm not so much complaining about it, just more so realizing, oh, so this is what it's like to have to work all.the.time. and not have summers off. It totally sucks! Thank goodness I don't have a demanding or stressful job, but it's still a job that keeps me indoor between the hours of 8am-5pm. And I'm still forgetting it's summer. That's a sin. So, for all you veteraned workers out there, how do you enjoy the summer whilst being trapped in the office? It's possible, right?

The goal of this weekend, act like it's summer. I don't think that should be too hard to do. In fact, last night after an intense workout, we sat on our porch and ate popsicles. It's all about the baby steps.


carla thorup said...

i totally feel you on the office job. totally makes summers less awesome.

we try to hit up the pool after wook once or twice a week, eat popsicles daily, and bbq often for dinner. that helps bring in the atmosphere, even if you have to wake up and work the next morning. (boo.)

Cynthia Lovell said...

Love the new picture arrangement on the top of your post!!! (Steve's kids will too) ha ha ha

I know it's tough having to work in the summer, but sounds like you're still having fun and making the best of it.

We're very excited to see you two!!! Can't wait to see DC!!!

Nick & Dana said...

I think I TRY to stay in all day because of the heat haha. You could still go to the pool though at like 6 and i guarantee it'll still be hot enough to enjoy it! that's oklahoma for ya ;)

AJ Candrian said...

You're right. I don't feel bad for you. This is my seventh summer working. They're all overrated. Welcome to the "real world."