Take me out to the ball game

If camping and a baby shower weren't enough to keep us busy for one weekend, we decided to meet up with John's cousins and go to an Oklahoma City AAA baseball game, too.

Our ticket included a free hat (pictured below), a Taco Bell voucher for $6.00, and the courtesy of seeing my "home" team, the SLC Bee's play, all for a whopping $6.25. Clearly they're in need of boosting sales around here.
Thank goodness we could help them out.

I love me some baseball, even if it's the minor league. 
Thanks Kristen and Travis for joining us, we had a blast! 


Kristin said...

We had sooo much fun!!!! Def need a do over soon!!!

Colie said...

Whoa, whoa whoa wait: no hot dogs included in that price? You should demand a refund & go to another game. :) Nevermind that one hot dog has 170 calories & 130 of those calories are pure fat. What on earth is even IN a hot dog?
Ok, stick with nachos.

Jessie DiRocco said...

I would have went just for the Taco Bell voucher. $6 at Taco Bell means you eat like a king!