A penny saved is a penny earned

That is a motto I grew up hearing. My mom has always taught me the importance of saving money, but more importantly, never paying full price for anything. And I don't. At least, very rarely. And if I do, it's probably because I can't get the darn thing, whatever that 'thing' may be, off my mind. Sometimes I've just got to have that cute dress, or shoes, or shirt, or pants, or...but like I said, that's very rare. I think...

I'm not a cheapskate, even ask my husband. But I love me a good deal.

So, when my sister started talking to me about CVSing, and all this extreme couponing hoopla, I decided to give it a go. I'm usually a sucker for good discounts on clothes, shoes, and other non-essential items, but I'm now discovering that good deals on groceries and the like is probably a bit more practical.

I may not be the best at it, at least not yet anyway. I'd definitely consider myself a newbie at all of this stuff (does dumpster diving for coupon inserts qualify me as an intermediate couponer though?), as I'm still learning the ropes and whatnot, but surprisingly enough, I'm finding some steal of a deals. And I mean that in a literal sense of the term here.

This week I built up the courage and tried out my beginner level skills at the grocery store, and I walked away with all of this for a whopping $23!

Like I said, I'm still learning the ropes of this game of stealing, at least that's what I feel like it is. But it's stealing I feel ok about, and that's what matters here. Sadly enough, this whole game of what-deal-can-I-score-next, just made grocery shopping a whole new adventure for me.

Any "extreme' couponers out there? I'd love to know your trips and tricks to getting a good deal.


Lovell Family said...

i was into couponing a couple years ago...I found I was spending a lot of time on it, and often times I bought crap I didn't really want just cause it was practically free...be careful. But after spending 160 bucks tonight at the grocery store, it's probably time I start looking into it again!

Brittany said...

You didn't mention how much you saved, which is the most important part!

Joy said...

Sometimes you find a really good item because the coupon made the item free or almost...my Mom would be proud of your couponing! When I'm really organized, couponing is like a game.

JazznJenna said...

Couponing scares me. Kind of the same way gardening does. Both seem like very worthwhile time investments, but I feel too overwhelmed to get into it. Ok, I feel that way about Geneology, too.

Kristin said...

You and I totally need to get together to coupon!!! I just went tonight and saved a BUTT LOAD! $152.65 worth for $10.51. SHOCK ME!!! That's a 95% savings yo!!! And I am 100% with you on feeling judged by the check out girl or boy. hahahhahaha. Just think in your mind..."you're a sucker and I'm totally walking out of here with all this loot. HOLLA!" Yeah. I'm so excited you're coupling though. It's addicting. And you absolutely need to come dumpster dive with me. I know all the good places!!!! Ps. I need your number so we can text bad 'A' deals to each other!