All is well in OKC

Well, we survived the outbreak that was tornadoes yesterday. I'm sure you're all well aware that OK is not on my top 10 list of places I'd like to live, but somehow, I've ended up here anyway thanks to a certain someone I call my husband.

One of the tornadoes that moved across the state yesterday
Thankfully, school makes it only temporary for us. However, why anyone chooses to live in a state that is known for producing "conditions perfect for tornadoes", is beyond me. Alas, I am summoned to living in such conditions for two more years, so two more years it will be.

Two more tornado seasons.
Two more hot/humid summers.
Two more cold winters.
Two more years of hoping we don't get taken out by a deadly twister.
Two more years of stress.

John and I left campus mid-afternoon yesterday, thanks to encouragement from the school to let us all go home early, fully expecting to go home, cuddle up, and keep our eyes glued to the news. But after better consideration of sitting at home, in an old house, with no storm shelter, no place to comfortably hide out just in case, we opted to go back to campus where storm shelters are available, and hunker down until the worst of it was over.

So hunker down we did.

And we weren't the only ones who had this idea in mind, either. Slowly but surely the Student Union began filling up with groups of people, individuals, families, cats, dogs, and the like. Poor Tobias, we just left him at home to fend for himself.

Thankfully, after watching tornado after tornado take out neighborhoods, streets, telephone poles, semis, etc., and hearing siren after siren go off, warning us tornadoes could be getting close, the storm passed by, leaving OKC basically untouched. I wish I could say the same for the surrounding areas.

Once we felt safe enough to leave, we literally raced home, because HELLO, the season finale of The Biggest Loser was on, and seeing that this is the first season I've ever actually watched, I HAD to see the ending.

Only, we got home to realize that wouldn't be happening tonight, instead, all that was on TV was the aftermath of the storms. Instead, we listened to a tear inducing story of a mother whose son, ripped from her arms, has gone missing, and a day later, is still gone. Instead, we watched families arrive home to nothing more than a pile or rubble.

I feel sad for the state of Oklahoma today. For anyone who was affected by the tornadoes yesterday, and for the lives that will forever be changed because of what they now have to deal with.

For most, life is back to normal today. For some, they're so used to tornadoes that this probably means nothing much to them. In fact, I'm almost positive we were the only ones in our neighborhood who even thought to take cover yesterday. But for us, we rather veer on the side of overly cautious, rather than overly sorry.

This post has turned into something far more sentimental than I intended, when all I really wanted to say is, all is well in OKC for the Lovell's. Thank goodness for that.


Joy said...

I know prayers were being offered for you in Utah and someone else was following the storm too. It made it hard to concentrate and I'm glad, very glad you won't live in OK after two years!

Lauren Kay said...

Oh geez! Keep staying safe! Bring Tobias next time :)

Cynthia Lovell said...

I'm so relieved that you were both safe and your home and possessions! I know that things aren't that important, but we're thankful you were both OK!!! I appreciated John calling to tell me that you were going to a shelter. That was smart. I watched the storm all afternoon and Forgot Chad's dentist appointment! Anyway this is another "adventure" you can chock up to look back on someday. It's always fun to have a story to tell.

carla thorup said...

nature can be so scary. glad you're all safe, including tobias!

JazznJenna said...

scary! everywhere we live there are very unique situations to experience and to adapt to. I'm glad you're safe.