Baby it's cold outside

Humph. It's cold, 9 degrees cold. The weatherman says it feels like -11. I believe him. So do our frozen pipes. Before J and I even got into bed last night, we could hear the freezing rain coming down, and the thunder rumbling in the distance. We prevented the pipes from freezing overnight. Apparently when the high is only 9, the can freeze during the day, too. Duh! We learn lessons the hard way.

I was excited to wake up to snow this morning. Not because it meant it was freezing outside, but more so because it meant I got a day of relaxing at home. Which resulted in J getting a nice homemade breakfast of ebelskiver's. Yum!

I'm trying to be better at living in the moment, so cold snowy weather and all, J and I went outside to enjoy it. He at least had legit snow gear. I on the other had, made up my own.

The snow gear went on, AFTER this picture was taken
Making a snow angel, what else?

We had a four foot snow drift blocking our garage, where my car was tucked safely away from danger. To bad I left my snow shovels in D.C., we really could have used them today. Instead, I basked in the glory that is last years purchase, knowing this would be year two it's come in handy. That purchase must have been inspired.

The result of living in a windy city
We decided to be charitable citizens and went on a drive through the neighborhood streets in hopes of crunching down the deep snow that still, at 9 o'clock at night, has yet to be plowed. Maybe the charity was done in vain, but 4 wheel drive in snow is kind of fun. So we did our deed and headed home, and have been sitting inside ever since.

We'll see what tomorrow brings us. For now, we're stay nestled inside, all cozy and warm.

Now that we're into February, I'll "show off" this month's wreath. I'd like to say I think it's cute, but really, I find it rather hideous. But seeing that I spent a few good solid hours on it, hideous as it may be, it will be staying up all month long.

Had I not been in such a rush to get this wreath made last month, I probably would have stuck with something a bit cuter, like this. But patience got the best of me, what's new?


Emily said...

Brr!! So Cold- glad you made the best of it!

And no lie- I totally have had a tab open to that wreath for a few days so I can remember to go and make one. Love how yours turned out!

Joy said...

I love the breakfast for John...did he like them? The wreath turned out cute...maybe some cold and hungry mice will come nibbling at your door..ha ha!

AJ Candrian said...

How does Tobias like the snow?

Jessie DiRocks said...

Look at you making that snow angel! Cutie! Also what are ebelskivers? Cause I want one.

Cynthia Lovell said...

Love the snow angel! Your life is just one big adventure!

Colie said...

f.r.e.a.k.i.n c.o.l.d