Now and Then

I'm trying to be better at living in the moment, and not longing for what used to be, or what's to come. I still find myself laughing when I think about the fact that I live in Oklahoma. I still laugh when I hear funny phrases like "fixin' to go" and "might could." I still laugh when I see random oil wells dotting the city. I still long to be elsewhere on occasion. And yes, it's true, I still think being here for another two and a half years sounds rather daunting. But like I said, I'm trying to be better at living in the moment, and embracing the phrase "come what may and love it." Oklahoma is definitely not as bad as I once imagined. But I still consider myself a big city (or at least a bigger city) girl who doesn't like to be landlocked. So, as we head into this weekend that's probably lacking any real excitement, I'm going to do my best to enjoy it nonetheless. And hey, living in a state that gives me 74 degree weather at the end of January is definitely a nice perk in my book.

I may not be living in Washington, D.C anymore, but here in Oklahoma, we have some things that reassure me I still live in a pretty cool place. Plus, they have snow right now anyway. Pass!
I'll take warmer weather any day. 

I love that our capitol building, just on the other side of the OU campus where I work, resembles so closely our Nation's Capitol.
Now & Then

Maybe I can't go walk by the Washington Monument anymore, but we have something that looks pretty similar, the Beacon of Hope.
Now & Then

I'd give anything to go spend an afternoon hanging out at the Lincoln Memorial. However, aside from the tragedy that's behind the Oklahoma City National Memorial, it's still a pretty spectacular site to visit.
Now & Then

Sadly, no matter how hard I look, I've yet to find any stairs that come close to resembling the stairs at the base of the Lincoln, lining the Potomac River. And oh, how I miss those runs after work. But on the flip side, we do have Lake Hefner and it's nine mile loop not five minutes from our house. Add an Oklahoma sunset to the picture, and tell me that's not gorgeous.
Now& Then

Sometimes it just takes reminding myself that Oklahoma really isn't that bad after all. Two and a half more years, I hope think I can handle it.
Happy Friday!


Jana said...

Oklahoma looks beautiful :) Let us know next time you're in SF! I'd love to see you!

Cynthia Lovell said...

I remember a time in my life where I was wishing I was where I wasn't, if that makes sense. Someone posted a little sign on my office that said, "Enjoy yourself, these are 'the good old days' you're going to miss someday."
They were right! I started enjoying the present.

I enjoyed your post and your pictures. Good Luck, Have Fun, Make the Most of it! I think you are. I LOVE your blogs and your writing!

addicted2recipes said...

Amy, we have never met but I wanted to finally leave you a little note to say that I love reading your blog and being able to keep updated on John's life. Wish you guys a great New Year! Truly, Emily Toolson Robledo and Fam.

Anonymous said...

So I could possibly be moving my family from Florida to Oklahoma, this helps me cope with that a bit more, just a bit..